Our Story

Origins of Ten/10

In 2020, one of our founders, Sean (Left), always wanted to influence his take on what the ideal shirt would look like in terms of unique cuts, fabrics, and other specifications. He started out with a few shirts based on these design concepts and had some of his close friends try them on, and based on the positive feedback, he thought to himself “hey why not just go for it and see what can be made out of this?”

Sean then spoke with his more business minded brother, Shane (Middle), about whether it would be a good idea to pursue this as a business venture or not. To Sean’s surprise, Shane encouraged him to pursue it and the exact words Shane said were, “at least give it a shot and try your best and even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have learned something out of it and it’s not failure”.

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Our Mission

This message from Shane, formed as the foundation of Ten/10. In creating our brand, we wanted to show and encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone by taking on the entrepreneurial venture that they’ve always had a passion for. We wanted to show others that failure doesn’t exist when you’re willing to try and give effort to your full potential. Instead, the emphasis is that failure is not trying at all. However, the most important thing is taking that first step. By sharing the tips, tricks, and challenges we’re learning along the way we hope to assist other entrepreneurs in their journeys.

The Brand

The term “ten out of ten” ultimately represents the best outcome for any person or situation. However, it can be portrayed in many ways and is tailored to the individual's standards. As fans of fashion, we brought this philosophy to apparel. Our lifestyle brand concentrates on influencing our own take on what the ideal men’s shirt should look and feel like; premium products, focusing on comfort, durability, fit, and style. Why not give our followers the edge and mental approach of feeling and looking “ten out of ten” to pursue their entrepreneurial goals?

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