Materials & Design

We love the look and feel of not only a quality design but also long lasting durability. Every blend and fiber we engrain in the stitches of our clothing are made to last you years. The designs are manipulated such that the center & edge of each fabric is used, meaning less fabric is discarded into landfills. When we need to, we have the fabric woven to only the width needed for that design, minimizing excess waste


Carbon Neutral Shipping

Ecommerce will generate 6M tons in CO₂ annually from deliveries. With making a positive impact on the planet as a top priority. Ten/10 Apparel has partnered with Route to offset the carbon emissions associated with any delivery. Each carbon neutral shipment supports a certified agroforestry initiative that removes over 25k tons of CO₂ from the air annually and promotes a flourishing ecosystem.


The Right Size

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions at its source, Ten/10 Apparel has introduced an AI driven size recommendation application on every product page. This application aids in reducing returns CO₂ emission generated by 38% from helping more customers get the correct size on the first try rather than electing for an size exchange which causes more shipping emissions.